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spiritual shortcuts

7 simple keys to unlock your potential
Erin Wallace Author
About the book

Uncover potent tips to achieve peace and sovereignty in your life

Whether you’re facing challenges or seeking to thrive even more, Author Erin Wallace shares the wisdom that once helped her during tough times, offering you a shortcut to tangible results without unnecessary detours. Make the most of your precious time on Earth and unlock the collective goodness within, manifesting your dreams and fostering peace on Earth.
Erin Wallace
Erin Wallace

Meet The Author

Step into the inspiring journey of author and spiritual teacher, Erin Wallace, a compassionate soul whose life’s purpose revolves around uplifting others and making a positive impact on the world.

With roots as a recovered activist, Erin earned her B.A. in Environmental Studies and co-founded Youth for Environmental Action. From a young age, it was clear Erin’s path was set to create meaningful change.

A transformative encounter with metaphysical teachings rekindled her idealism, leading her to delve deeper into her studies.  Erin’s commitment to her spiritual growth led her to the Modern Mystery School, where she immersed herself in its teachings and is now a Senior Spiritual Guide, International Instructor and revered Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Teacher. As the Leader of the California MMS Regional Center, she passionately works to help people reconnect with their divine essence and harness their power to create a positive shift for all beings.

With authenticity and honesty, Erin offers ancient lineage tools and her book, “Spiritual Shortcuts: 7 Simple Keys to Fast Track Your Progression,” to expedite your healing and self-realization journey. 

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